Washington DC Traffic Violations FAQs

Currently, the MPD does not make any attempt to identify the driver of a vehicle issued photo enforcement ticket. The police will simply mail the ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle who can pay the ticket, or send an affidavit that they were not driving at the time. The driver must identify who was driving and the ticket and affidavit will be mailed to that person. They do not currently issue points to the owner of the vehicle, because they cannot prove who is driving. Other states also take a photo of the driver and do issue points.

MPD operates cameras designed to catch speeding motorists in the District of Columbia. The camera has a radar gun that detects when a car is speeding and takes two photographs of the rear of the car. The camera has a bracket in the image frame that is supposed to display where the radar gun is aimed. If the car is in the bracket and the license plate is visible, the police will mail a DC photo enforcement ticket to the registered owner of the vehicle.

The DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) operates traffic cameras throughout the District. One type of traffic camera is designed to detect if a car crosses the stop line after the light has turned red. When the car enters the intersection, the camera takes a photograph of the car. A second photo is taken when the vehicle is in the middle of the intersection. As long as the license plate is visible in the photograph, the police will mail a speeding ticket to the registered owner.