Washington DC Traffic Violations FAQs

In Traffic Division of the DC Superior Court, judges are sometimes skeptical about radar gun results. It is not that the device itself is inaccurate, but rather the method in which the radar was used to issue a speeding ticket. The officer is supposed to use their own judgment to estimate the speed of a vehicle and then use the radar to confirm this. It is an active process that requires the officer’s attention. If the officer was sitting in the cruiser with a car mounted radar device and waiting for the alarm to go off, this can be challenged in court.

Police in Washington, DC commonly use a 3rd Generation LIDAR gun such as the Prolaser III. While this device may be accurate, it requires both laboratory and field calibration. The police officer attempting to use a LIDAR device must calibrate the range and alignment of the sighting mechanism. There have been many cases when they have not done so, and your speeding ticket defense lawyer should cross-examine the officer on the witness stand.

The Washington, DC Metro Police maintain a list of the location of all photo enforcement cameras. The list is publicly available on the MPD website.