Washington DC Traffic Violations FAQs

If you contact the Law Office of Daniel A. Gross, PLLC, you will get a free no-obligation consultation. The specific fees for your case will vary depending on the facts, but you will know up front how much it will cost, and also know that your case is important and will be given the attention it deserves.

Some people prefer to simply pay the ticket and deal with the points on their license, increase in insurance premiums, and possible other negative consequences.  Other drivers who have received a speeding ticket in DC, may try to represent themselves in traffic court or at a DMV hearing.  This is certainly allowed and done with the hope the officer won’t show up in court, and they will win by default.  However, if you want to increase the odds of winning your fight, or you care about the consequences of not fighting, you should consider hiring a Washington, DC traffic violations defense lawyer.

In the District of Columbia, most officers are trained to decide whether they are going to issue a ticket before the approach the vehicle that has been stopped for speeding or another moving violation. If the officer asks if you know why he or she pulled you over, it may be best to politely decline to answer. This also applies to the question about how fast you were going.