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Criminal Speeding Violations in Washington, DC 

In case you aren’t aware (like most Washington, DC drivers) the speed limit throughout the District is 25mph unless otherwise posted. There are some places like parts of Connecticut Avenue NW where they increase the limit to a blindingly fast 30mph, but for the most part, 25mph is the limit. The police seem aware that if you actually traveled that speed in the K street tunnel or over the Calvert street bridge, you would probably be rear-ended by every car, bus, and truck behind you. It is for this reason that they often pull over drivers for speeding at these locations and other like them.

Ice Cream Truck Driver Charged with DUI 

According to a recent story in the Washington Post, the driver of an ice cream truck was charged with a DUI in New Port Richey, FL after almost hitting a child. Police reports indicate that the alleged drunk driver, Ronald Clifford Purdy, had trouble walking and stated his birth date when asked for his address. The police found two open containers of whiskey in the truck. Purdy was administered a test to determine his blood alcohol content (BAC) which allegedly resulting in a reading of 0.227 grams per milliliter of blood. This is an extremely high reading. Purdy was released on personal recognizance (no bail) after being charged.

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