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If you are convicted of a DUI in Washington, DC, the court will likely require you to participate in a Victim Impact Panel as part of your probation.  DUI/DWI Victim Impact Panels (VIPs) are normally held on the last Monday of each month at St. Anthony's Catholic Church at 3400 12th Street NE Washington, DC.  The panel is basically a chance for victims of alcohol-traffic accidents do share their experiences with those convicted of DUIs.   Your Washington, DC DUI attorney can discuss how this may apply to your situation. 

If you are arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), driving while intoxicated (DWI), or operation while impaired in Washington, DC, you may be issued a “Notice of Proposed Suspension” by the arresting officer.  You will always be issued a Notice of Proposed Suspension of your DC driving privileges if you refuse a breathalyzer, urine sample, or blood test.  Once you receive the notice, you should go to the DC DMV scheduling office in SE and schedule a hearing as soon as possible, but no later than the deadline on the notice.  Your DC DUI lawyer can represent you at the hearing. 

Some people prefer to simply pay the ticket and deal with the points on their license, increase in insurance premiums, and possible other negative consequences.  Other drivers who have received a speeding ticket in DC, may try to represent themselves in traffic court or at a DMV hearing.  This is certainly allowed and done with the hope the officer won’t show up in court, and they will win by default.  However, if you want to increase the odds of winning your fight, or you care about the consequences of not fighting, you should consider hiring a Washington, DC traffic violations defense lawyer.

In Washington, DC a first offense DWI or DUI is a misdemeanor handled in the traffic court division of the Superior Court. However, it may still have serious consequences such as loss of driver’s license, high-risk or SR-22 insurance, court costs, and DMV fines, among others.