Man Drives Car Off White Ferry in DC – Charged with DUI
Man Drives Car Off White Ferry in DC – Charged with DUI. According to a recent news feature from NBC News, a man in Washington, DC has been arrested for drunk driving after he allegedly drove his car through a locked metal gate on White Ferry and ended up in the Potomac River.

Authorities say the accident occurred around 1:30 in the morning. Read more..
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Mom, I got arrested: Fake ID's and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor - Common Underage Drinking Offenses in Washington D.C.
Mom, I got arrested: Fake ID's and Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor - Common Underage Drinking Offenses in Washington D.C.. The District of Columbia, like all 50 states and territories in the United States, set the legal drinking age of 21.  Before the age of 21, you can drive, vote, buy a lottery ticket, and even join the military but you cannot legally drink alcohol. Read more..
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The Waiting Game: Leaving After Colliding In DC
The Waiting Game: Leaving After Colliding In DC. In the constant hustle and bustle of traffic within the District of Columbia, fender benders are commonplace.  Accidents happen because people are prone to basic human error. Read more..
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DC Police Captain Arrested for DUI
DC Police Captain Arrested for DUI. Drunk driving in Washington, DC is a crime and there is no denying that.  However, even judges will say that unlike other DC criminal offenses, people seem to think it is okay to drive drunk since everyone does, even though that is not a valid excuse. Read more..
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I Know I Passed the Field Sobriety Tests in Washington, DC
I Know I Passed the Field Sobriety Tests in Washington, DC. Many people come in for a DUI defense consult and tell me that they know they passed the field sobriety tests, yet the cops arrested them anyway.  Before we get to what it means to pass the tests, it is important to understand what these tests are and why they matter. Read more..
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DC Traffic Violations1. Don’t admit guilt – Some Washington DC, traffic violations are criminal offenses, such as criminal speeding, driving on suspended license, driving on a revoked license, and reckless driving. You have a constitutional right to not incriminate yourself by answering police questions. The police do not have to tell you of this Miranda right until you are arrested. It may be best of be polite but not answer the officers’ questions. 

2. Laser – The Washington, DC MPD, US Capital Police, and US Park Police routinely use a third generation LIDAR gun when issuing speeding tickets. These devices require the officer to perform a calibration procedure before use. If the officer did not calibrate, or improperly calibrated the laser gun, your lawyer can challenge this in court or at a DMV hearing.    

3. Radar – Police often use a vehicle-mounted speed radar device instead of a handheld radar gun. There is a display on the dash of the cruiser that alerts the DC traffic officer when a car is going over the posted limit. If they weren’t actively monitoring the cars and using their own judgment of speed, the use of the radar gun can be challenge.

4. Radio and signal interference – According to the manuals of products used by the police to measure vehicle speed, radios and other communications equipment found on many cruisers can cause radio interference. While this may not be enough by itself to get out a traffic violation, your DC traffic violations lawyer can use it as part of his case.

5. Visit the location – You or DC traffic violations defense lawyer or his investigator should visit the location where the officer pulled you over. What the officers wrote in the police report may not actually be possible. 

6. Take photographs – When you visit the location of the moving violation, take photographs of street conditions, signs, and other things which may help you fight your ticket. 

7. Lighting and weather conditions – Make a note of the artificial and natural lighting conditions at the time when you were pulled over. Also remember what the weather was like.  Your Washington, DC traffic violations attorney can present evidence to prove your memory of these conditions. If the citation or police report (“PD 251”) has conditions better than you remember that would make it easier to see an alleged violation, this can be challenged in court. 

8. Improper police procedure – If you have been stopped for a criminal traffic violation in Washington, DC, the Police are required by law to adhere to much more stringent procedures. If the police acted in violation of the Fourth or Fifth Amendments to the US Constitution, your lawyer can challenge this in traffic court. 

9. Request a hearing – If you mail in the payment and don’t bother to get a hearing, then you have no chance of winning the fight. Don’t give up your rights. 

10. Hire the Law Office of Daniel A. Gross to defend you by calling (202) 596-5716 or by using the online contact form to schedule a free consultation. Even minor traffic tickets may result in points on your license and higher insurance premiums. Some traffic violations result in criminal misdemeanors. Always remember that an arrest is not a conviction.